What I Asked For vs. What I Got... Ulta Edition

If you haven't heard, a Houston woman named London was shopping in an Ulta Beauty in New Jersey and it turned into a horrible case of What I Asked For vs. What I Got. Pregnant and glowing, London walked into Ulta Beauty before her baby shower looking for a quick, professional glam session before her big event. Unfortunately, she was told that her "skin was too dark for most colors in the store." Pause...think about that. In a MAKEUP store, you cannot find products that make your skin look beautiful. London posted her experience on her Facebook account and it immediately went viral.

Unfortunately, her experience is not unique. From the customer service at Sephora (remember our summer blog about that?) to product offerings in Ulta, THIS is why we created the playground for brown beauty. Women of ALL shades can come into our store, or shop online, and finally feel at home. Options are bountiful because we know that others like London are experiencing the same kind of heartbreak when their only desire is to feel beautiful.

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