Three Ways to Sleep When the Pineapple Doesn’t Work

Okay. You’ve read the blogs, bought your satin pillowcases, and your silk scarf. Your day one twist out was perfect, you pull up YouTube and construct the perfect pineapple. The next morning, you take it down and it’s sticking straight up like Marge Simpson! This is nothing like the videos and now you’re scrambling to find a way to make your hair look like something before you head to work. Here are a few alternatives to the pineapple method:


Time: 30 min

Effort: Medium

Sometimes we have to retwist our beautiful curls to extend their life. Follow the existing pattern of your twistout/natural style to achieve the best outcome! Retwisting your hair allows you to sleep normally without having super-flat curls on one side.

Pin Curl

Time: 20 min

Effort Medium

Did you know you can pin curl your flexirod set? Sleeping in flexirods can be extremely uncomfortable, but you don’t have to deal with that anymore. Grab your bobby pins and use that same method you would use to preserve that fresh Easter Sunday press!

Pull Back

Time: 5 min

Effort: Low

This can be a game changer if done correctly. Grab a silk scarf and pull your hair away from your face. Tie your perimeter down loosely, but securely. This will give you some flexibility to sleep on your sides without damaging your look. Make sure you have a bonnet on to protect the rest of your hair! In the morning, take it all off and fluff your curls! This should get you through the entire week!

We are always looking for additional ways to make living and loving your natural hair exciting and convenient. Let us know how these new sleep styles work for you!

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