Miss our session on laser hair removal?

This past Sunday, we held a session with local hair removal salon Shobha and founder Shobha Tummala. Here’s what you missed:

Shobha is an expert hair removal salon run by Shobha Tummala a woman of color of Indian decent

Shobha was one of the first salons to offer threading and laser hair removal for darker skin tones and has locations in both NY and DC (want to contact Shobha click HERE)

Lasers detect color and melanin and therefore darker skin tones need special lasers so that we don’t burn or scar

A “YAG” laser is the recommended laser for darker skin tones

Even if you have fair skin, if you are of ethnic decent you should use a laser for darker skin tones

Did you know you actually shave BEFORE you get laser!

Laser doesn’t work on gray hairs so hurry up and beat that graying!

Sunscreen is a must!!! Exposure to sun before or after laser can impact results so don’t forget you can find both Black Girl Sunscreen and Nuhanciam online at Marjani or stop in store.

This latest event is just one of many beauty and education events we’ve held on skincare, hair care, makeup applications and beauty and wellness. The Brown Beauty Co-op is the number one source for beauty information focused on us. So be sure to catch us at the next one and forward this to your friends so they don’t miss out.

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