How to achieve Beyoncé’s perfect overlined lippy look!

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Okay beauties, let's talk. Not all of us have super full lips. Our melanated sisters come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our lips. So if you want a little help getting that perfectly full look, a little over lining will do just the trick!

  1. Sharpen your lip liner: You want good clean lines as you apply the desired lip look. Beyonce typically goes for a light Cupid's bow, but you can go for an enhanced version of your natural lip shape.

  2. Blend with a lip brush: No harsh lines! Take a lip brush and do a soft blend to diffuse the harsh line you've created. Don't have a lip brush? Feel free to use your finger!

  3. Fill in with lipstick that matches the lip liner: Get that perfect matching lipstick and apply!

  4. Want to go with an ombre look? We are really feeling Marie Hunter Beauty's lip collection! They have the perfect browns, plums, and pinks to give you exactly what you need! You can find MHB at Marjani.

With every set of rules, we have to mention a few things to stay away from

  1. Don’t go too far outside of the lip. Overlining gives you just a little room for the fuller lip illusion. Anything too far away from the natural lip line will leave you looking like you might be going for a costume look.

  2. Don't start with dry lips! Use a lip scrub and a good lip balm to have a great base for a luscious lip. A smooth lip is necessary to meet a perfect overline!

Now grab your Freakum Dress and go get Drunk in Love with your perfect lips!


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