Four Ways to Tell if Your Hair is REALLY 4c

Hair types started as a way for naturals to classify what kind of curl pattern we have and to figure out what products work for us.  Often when watching our favorite YouTubers we use hair types to asses if their product demo will work on our own hair.  

But somewhere within that system we began to think of hair that was considered the coiliest or kinkiest as more difficult. 4c hair has become code for :

- I have difficult hair - that (insert technique) won't work for me 

- I have kinkier hair and it's dry 

- I have hair that's harder to style 

Many hair professionals will tell you that while hair typing can be useful there are a lot of other important factors.  I Am Black Girl Curls regularly talks about things like porosity, density, thickness and coarseness being equally if not more important. 

Also hair typing can be imprecise and rarely do people agree on who fits into what coil pattern. In addition because our hair is so versatile and malleable what looks like 4c hair can look totally different when styled. 

Check out one of our favorite stylers Hydra The CurlFomer which regularly turns 4c hair into 4a hair just by styling. 

4c hair is not a synonym for dry hair or a lack of a curl pattern.  And sometimes these issues can be attributed instead to how you're caring for your hair.

Here are some signs that you may not be 4c:

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