Brown Girls Burn Too

Forget what you thought you knew about sunscreen. Brown girls need sunscreen! That’s it. That’s the blog.

Not quite though. While it is true that dark-skinned people do not burn as easily as fair-skinned people, they can still experience sunburn when exposed to UV rays for extended periods of time. However, this is not the only way that the sun damages your skin. Any tanning that you experience is actually caused by the top layer of skin being damaged by UV rays from the sun.

This damage can mutate your skin cells leading to skin cancer, yes brown girls can get skin cancer too. While dark-skinned people are diagnosed with melanomas less frequently than fair-skinned people, they are also less likely to survive after the prognosis, as found by the American Cancer Society.

We understand that the idea of wearing sunscreen can be off putting due to that unflattering grey cast. However, brands such as Black Girl Sunscreen and Nuhanciam Photo Protective Fluid SPF are making sunscreens that brown girls WANT to wear. Stay safe and use sunscreen this summer (and anytime you plan on being outside)!

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