7 Tips For Swimming While Natural

WARNING: Summertime damage ahead.

Swimming is one of the best parts of summer. Unfortunately, all that chlorine and salt water can damage your natural curls and make it difficult to get those perfect poolside shots. This is a big reason why many women with curly hair don’t join in pool time activities.

Don’t worry, we are here to help! Here are our 7 tips for swimming while natural:

1. Wet your hair

Your hair is naturally porous, meaning it loves water! Wetting your hair before swimming allows your hair to absorb freshwater instead of salt and chlorine. Adding a bit of conditioner will help keep your hair moist.

2. Seal your hair

Using an oil will not only seal in the moisture that you just added, it will also help keep out chlorine and salt. If you have a special pre-swim product that’ll work too.

3. Put your hair away

Putting your hair in a protective style such as braids or twists, or even just up in a bun can help prevent tangling and make it easier to manage.

4. Think twice about a swim cap

Average swim caps don’t really do a good job at keeping your hair dry if you’re going underwater, plus the material can actually pull at your hair and edges. However, wearing one when swimming outside can help protect your hair from sun damage.

5. Rinse your hair

Rinsing your hair after you leave the water removes some of the salt and chlorine, which is helpful if you’re not going to wash your hair immediately.

6. Use a clarifying shampoo

Using a clarifying shampoo (i.e. one with sulfates) is important to cleanse your hair after swimming. Sulfate free shampoos will not remove all of the chlorine and salt build up which will damage your hair.

7. Deep Condition

Deep conditioning your hair or using a hair treatment is important to restore moisture and repair damage that may have occurred while you were swimming.

Have other summer time hair tips? Let us know!

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