Advocacy & Community Initiatives

Black-Owned Beauty Brand Collective

As the Founders of The Brown Beauty Co-op, a beauty cooperative for and by women of color featuring a retail showroom, event space and a brand incubator for black and brown owned beauty brands, we have been working to disrupt the beauty industry.  We know that Black women are key drivers of the beauty market, as well as trendsetters, as outlined in a recent article in Essence, "The Industry That Black Women Built". At The Brown Beauty Co-op we recognize this and have built our business model on the idea that with enough capital and access to resources we too can have successful, thriving, well-loved beauty brands.  Which is why over 50 independent beauty brands made by Black founders are featured in the Co-op and on our platforms.  
But we know that far too often many of these brands don’t have the same access to venture funding, small business loans, technology and traditional capital, as white mainstream brands.  This creates an un-level playing field that persists and prevents Black owned beauty businesses from truly succeeding at the level of their white counterparts.  
As the entire industry takes a hard and much needed look at its practices, we think it’s important that mainstream companies include the voices of women of color in this conversation and in these change efforts, whether that be through convening industry panels, hiring women of color advisors and consultants or partnering with both established and smaller growing brands and retailers.


To support this effort, we have created the "Black Owned Beauty Brand Collective". We are encouraging beauty brands to do more than post on social media, but put forth plans to actually back up the show of support with real financial commitment or a genuine plan to effect a cultural change. We look forward to partnering with businesses, organizations to help make the beauty industry truly inclusive and to provide insight into the real world lived experiences of women of color in this industry.  

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Brown Beauty Gives Back

It is important for us to actively engage our community.  Instead of a strictly transactional experience, our space is meant for community,  designed to be a safe space for women and people of color. We create and  curate events with mission driven groups and charities that empower women of color. 


To date we have held workshops hosted by over 30 plus community groups focusing on topics such as domestic violence and sexual assault bystander training for those in beauty spaces (Vanede-US) , healthy eating and lifestyle for communities of color (Eat for Beauty) , scholarship fundraisers for Black female high school seniors (Links), mental health and self care counseling for entrepreneurs of color, women of color meetups (The Wing) and many more. 

Current Initiatives

We were encouraged by the Beauty for Black Lives movement which has challenged Black beauty entrepreneurs to give back to the cause of Black Lives.  Through this movement we have committed to giving 10% of our sales for the month of June to Black Visions Collective, a Minnesota community organization dedicated to the movement for Black Lives.  As a business that is still struggling to get back on its feet during a global pandemic, this wasn’t an easy decision, but we believe it is paramount for us to do our part in the fight for racial inequality.